Nose Surgery


Rhinoplasty is cosmetic surgery of the nose, a procedure to improve the appearance of the nose, which contributes to enhance the overall beauty of the face. It is counted among the top five most popular Cosmetic Surgery procedures performed in the world. Commonly Rhinolplasty is also known as Nose Job or Nose Reshaping Surgery. In this surgery patient’s nose can be altered or reshaped as per ideal facial proportions. During this surgery, cosmetic surgeon sculpts the bone and cartilage of the nose to achieve the balanced shape desired by the patients.

Besides the ugly appearance of the nose, some people may have breathing problems, snoring, inadequate sleep and allergies due to structural abnormalities or previous nose injuries of the nose, which can be corrected in the nose surgery. This surgery is mostly preferred by the professionals working in the Film industry, modeling, tourism, hospitality, marketing, advertizing agencies, etc. Now the tables are turned and this surgery is not limited to the professionals only, but also preferred by the youngsters who are looking forward to get married. The people who are not happy with the appearance of nose seek for rhinoplasty surgery, which improves the proportions of their facial features to give aesthetically better look. The most favorable candidates for the rhinoplasty surgery are in good general health and can understand the risks associated with surgery, should have realistic expectations regarding the post surgery results.


Each and every person has a different shape and appearance of the nose; they may have this from birth or due some accidental trauma. Some people have too long or short nose, some have deviated or flat nose, and some may have hump or too wide nose…
    Common Complaints:
  • Too large
  • Too flat
  • hump
  • Too wide or fat
  • Too thin
  • Too long
  • Boxy or Bulbous Tip
  • Too short
  • Too pinched looking
  • Crooked
  • Bumped
  • Piggish
  • Pointy
    Rhinoplasty is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures, that can be used to:
  • Increase or Reduce the size of the nose
  • Change the shape of the tip or the nasal bridge
  • Narrow the wide opening of the nostrils
  • Change the angle between the nose and the upper lip
  • Correct a birth defect or injury
  • Help relieve breathing problems
  • Snoring problems
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