Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair Transplant Surgery
Hair Transplant Surgery
Hair Transplant Surgery in Maharashtra
Hair Transplant Surgery in Maharashtra
Hair Transplant Surgery in Maharashtra
The FUE Technique
The FUE technique is now established as gold standard treatment in hair restoration surgery. We exclusively perform FUE technique at our clinic with the highest quality techniques and instrumentations. Our clinic has ISO quality certification and protocols to maintain the safe and standard care of patients.
We always believed in trust, integrity, empathy and human touch while providing treatment to our patients. We have developed and modified the recent technique FUE to give most predictable results with completely natural looks.


Follicular Hair Extraction:
FUE hair transplant:- We offer follicular unit extraction technique exclusively in all patients. Both male and female FUE hair transplantations are regularly performed at our clinic. We use latest hair extraction punches and extraction machines from USA, Turkey, and South Korea. We keep cold chain, minimum handling, minimum ischemia time to improve graft survival and results.

We do single day mega session more than 4000 grafts in advanced stage baldness. If scalp donor area is less, beard, chest and hairs from other body parts is commonly performed whenever required. Patients can resume their routine work from next day of the procedure. The common misbelieves of too much swelling; rest for 7 to 10 days is never required.
Platelate Rich Plasma ( PRP )
PRP is also known as stem cell therapy to enhance hair density and prevent hair fall both for male and female. PRP stimulates growth of resting hair roots which gives 20 to 30% increase in density of hairs. It also helps to improve quality and faster growth of hairs after the FUE hair transplantation. The PRP procedure includes withdraw of 20 to 30 ml of blood of the patient, then it is processed in specialized PRP centrifuge machine to obtain platelet rich plasma. Subsequently it is injected into the scalp with very tiny needles. This procedure gives negligible pain and requires approximately 40 min.
Mesotherapy is a technique, where vitamins, minerals, enzymes are injected with very tiny needles in the mesodermal layer of skin. This injections revitalize skin, rejuvenate skin components to make skin more youthful. Mesotherapy is commonly used for hair regrowth and prevention of the hair loss. It is useful in both male and female pattern hair loss as well as advised after hair transplant. It is OPD procedure with negligible pain, patient can resume their work on the same day. Normally it is prescribed every month for minimum 4 to 6 months.
Low Level Laser Therapy ( LLLT )
It is FDA approved laser therapy to improve hair growth. This laser system stimulates the hair follicles as well as increases diameter of hairs. This is commonly prescribed for the patients suffering from hair loss as well as hair transplant. It is painless, non invasive and completely safe OPD procedure. It normally takes 25 minutes for completion and patient can resume their normal routine.